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Sweet Cowboy Blues

(Ir) Responsible Adult Gay T Shirt

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Inspired by a hateful leaflet I received through my front door during the UK general election: 

I quote; 

"I support the responsible adult gay community where love is involved but not the trans movement"

I enjoyed this awful yet hilariously written comment so much that I put it on a shirt - there's both a Responsible and Irresponsible option depending on how you're feeling

These are all hand screen printed by me (a trans artist) who Angie Rayner absolutely would NOT support. P.S. she's not to be confused with Labour's Angela Rayner 

They're on Stanley Stella organic t shirts, stocks are running low across the country so they'll be printed on available styles - usually the Rocker which I'll link below for size guides, but there may be variation due to stock. All will be a natural colour though

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